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We can be heroes, just for one day.

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"Long after my bones have turned to ash, there will be a gif of me getting hot dogs thrown in the face…That is my longest lasting legacy."


Lindsay Ellis [x]


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My legacy is Fat Grandma.

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i really love her.

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Thanda Hopa, photos by Justin Dingwall,

yeah I know I put something similar here yesterday but….but..erm,

well, to be honest I just find her beauty hypnotising and that is the only reason I am repeating myself :P 

Sue me :)

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Kitty. Is. My. Role. Model.

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I hope you remembered! Today is plumprimo’s debut day! Brought to us by la farfa, this brand will be in DreamV and features sizes 3L to 6L . From more cute items to more sexy items. The pricing isn’t bad either :P The largest price seems to be more or less 40 USDs. Styling can work for himekaji, agejo, casual sweet, onee, etc. There aren’t many debut items, but I’ll post links when they get on the global rakuten site.  

Source takes you to the item pages. If not, use this link:

Plumprimo Global Rakuten Links:

Extra Information:

着丈 = dress length
肩幅 = shoulder-to-shoulder width
袖丈 = sleeve length
袖口周り = sleeve circumference
バスト = bust
ウエスト = waist
裾周り = hem circumference
Edit: Omg, I forgot the la farfa tag xD This couldn’t have happened without them :P

Oh my god! These are so cute!

For all my plus size gals!

Oh my goodness. So perfect. I want to be her.

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I don’t  s e r v e  your brother, your Grace

but you  l o v e  h i m

Possibly the only shipping I have ever done - in the book as well as the show.
Might be because I see myself in Brienne … or because I love her so much.

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Black, red and beautiful!

"Annie cant be black! shes supposed to have red hair!!!"

They’re so beautiful!!! All the redhead!


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"They burned the bridge, then ask why I don’t visit."

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"your life. love it.
from the hurt to the wonder.
from the bone to the flower.
love it.
with everything you’ve got.
it’s yours."

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remember when kids shows were awesome

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